Shrink Wrap Anything

Boats, buildings, containment, scaffold, transportation, trains, airports, RV's and cargo!

 Fast Wrap USA is the Nation's premier full service Shrink Wrap Company, offering shrink wrap applications and service throughout the United States and beyond.  Fast Wrap Shrink Wrap Protection is the industry leader in the installation of shrink wrap and asset protection.

Fast Wrap Distribution, offers the most advanced technology in shrink wrap, supplies and support equipment.

Fast Wrap Shrink Wrap Protection offers protection and containment within all markets of  Abatement, Aerospace, Aviation, Boats, Construction, Environmental Control, Interior/Exterior Containment, Logistics, Manufacturing, Scaffolding, Transportation, Petrochemical Turnarounds, just to name a few.

Fast  Wrap Shrink Wrap Protection is an extremely versatile and cost effective solution using a 100% recyclable LDPE #4 film that provides a weatherproof cover for any of your assets large or small.

Fast Wrap uses only the highest quality shrink wrap to insure quality controls and assurances to all of our customers

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