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Scaffold Shrink Wrap Containment Weatherization Protection

Aug 2, 2013

Fast Wrap shrink wrap provides relief from California construction defect claims and remediation.  Fast Wrap specializes in weatherization protection for occupied/completed dwellings.  Windows, EIFS, and exterior waterproofing or roofing material may be removed and/or replaced.  Scaffolding is used to create an exterior shell around the renovation area.  Fast Wrap containment teams wrap the scaffold providing a weather resistant barrier during this construction.  Additional benefits mentioned by Fast Wrap customers are increased safety, all work is out of sight behind our opaque shrink film.
Our shrink film is also effective in reducing pigeon use of buildings keeping these feathered vermin out of units under remediation.  Construction schedules are met because weather delays are eliminated inside our Fast Wrap shrink-wrapped containment.  Check out our pictures of our latest containment.  Please contact us if you would like to speak to our remediation contractors for their experiences with Fast Wrap.





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