Shrink Wrap Transport


Shrink Wrap Boat Transport

Fast Wrap "Marine" Shrink Wrap Protection Services offers complete protection for a wide variety of Marine watercraft.  Fast Wrap Marine employs professional trained technicians who have completed a rigorous Shrink Wrap Application Training Program at our  World Training Facility located in Reno, Nevada.  Whether you have personal watercrafts, private yachts, or commercial vessels, Fast Wrap Marine is your one stop shop for Shrink Wrap Protection.

Fast Wrap "Marine" Shrink Wrap Protection offers many options of protection, from inside storage covers, outside storage covers, transportation covers and on the water covers.  Fast Wrap Marine covers are a 7ML to 12ML thick film.  Our Shrink Technology heat system shrinks the film without damage to your equipment, leaving a drum tight, seamless cover preventing against Dust, Dirt, Snow, Rain, Wind, Ultraviolet UV rays as well as  unwanted pests such as insects and rodents.  Our venting and desiccant system provides optimal airflow and moisture control.

Fast Wrap "Marine" Transportation covers differ from our conventional storage application.  Anti chafe film is used to protect all specialized paint, gel coat, decals and woods above the water line. Fast Wrap uses a special Hull tape to adhere the shrink film directly to your craft below the water line.  This specialized Hull Tape will not leave a residue on your craft.  Depending on the distance, land, air or sea, Fast Wrap will use a 7,9,10,12 ML thick shrink film to assure complete protection throughout the transportation journey.

Fast Wrap "Marine" Services specialize in overseas protection and containment of water craft of all sizes.  Our zippered access system allows inspections at all Ports of Entry and Customs.  Fast Wrap Marine Services have protected  shipments for transport to all areas of Australia, Europe and Canada.

Shrink Wrap Boat Transport

Shrink Wrap Boat Transport

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