Shrink Wrap Buildings Work Environments

Shrink Wrap

Shrink Wrap Buildings Work Environments

Fast Wrap Shrink Wrap Protection "Industrial Services" offers complete protection for a wide variety of industrial applications .  Fast Wrap Shrink Wrap "Industrial Services"  employs professional trained technicians who have completed a rigorous Shrink Wrap Application Training Program at our  World Training Facility located in Reno, Nevada. Fast Wrap employees are OSHA 30 and have certifications in Arial boom lifts, Forklift, Scaffold Safety, Hot Work and First Aid. Additionally Fast Wrap has TWIC Certified installers for work on all Government Secure Areas and US Ports of Entry.  Whether you have Buildings, Bridges, Dams, or Dirt Storage, Fast Wrap Shrink Wrap "Industrial Services" will have you covered.

Buildings Wrapped by Fast Wrap Shrink Wrap Protection Teams provide an environmental shell over your current project providing critical protection from all forces of nature.  Fast Wrap can provide a cost efficient containment to your building to provide critical environmental controls for fireproofing, coating application, masonry, and stucco.  Reduce heating and/or cooling costs through containment in addition to keeping your construction project on schedule and not being affected by the weather.  Fast Wrap Shrink Wrap Protection allows efficient cooling and heating for placement of concrete floors and decks, decreasing drying times and meeting product manufacturers specs.  

Fast Wrap Shrink Wrap Building Work Environments Today's construction specifications often call for temperature and/or environmental controls.  Allowing Fast Wrap Engineered Solutions to create the environment for our next project.  Contain elevator shafts for climate control, air handler openings for a long term solution to water infiltration at the same time create a comfortable temporary work environment.  A Fast Wrap Work Environment is a dry space ready when you are.  Fast Wrap Shrink Wrap Film is far superior to the industry standard blue tarp or reinforced poly.


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