Shrink Wrap Disaster Relief Fire

Shrink Wrap Fire Protection

Fast Wrap “Onsite on Demand” Services insure prompt response to any emergency situation: Fast
Wrap crews
have undergone extensive training to provide a quick and cost effective solution to fire, flood or earthquake damage, to insure your property is not exposed to the elements. FA quick response is required and Fast Wrap arrives in a fully equipped Fast Wrap vehicle with all shrink wrap material, supplies and equipment to insure that the correct shrink film is applied for your protection. Fast Wrap works extensively with emergency response providers across the nation to insure our crew’s safety while protecting your assets from further damage. Using our engineered shrink wrap solutions lets the Fast Wrap shrink wrap team cover large areas of damage, and since our material creates a watertight seam you don’t have to worry about water intrusion in your Fast Wrap containment. Our  shrink wrap is attached directly to the structure using poly-woven banding and secure attachments of wood or metal to the structural components of the building.

Emergency response teams often vent your roof during a fire. Fast Wrap shrink wrap offers a seamless tempoary cover untill your roof or damaged areas can be reapired. Fast Wrap is experienced with insurance adjusters and can protect you most valauable asset, your home.

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