Shrink Wrap Exterior Containment Class 1

Fast Wrap shrink wrap protection specializes in providing Class I containment's in accordance with all guidelines of the SSPC. Fast Wrap installs all shrink wrap in accordance with The Society for Protective Coatings , Technology Guide No, 6. Guide for containing surface preparation debris generated during paint removal operations. Fast Wrap shrink wrap protection specially trained crews are able to install Class I containment's onsite on demand. Fast Wraps specially trained crews can install at your tank farm or facility. If you are working with areas that may contain asbestos and or lead paint, you are required to maintain a Class I containment. Fast Wrap technicians are fully certified. Fast Wrap does  not provide any abatement or hazardous material removal or disposal and all contaminated film is treated by trained and certified third party personnel.

Fast Wrap is not certified as an abatement provider and or contractor and makes no representation on asbestos/lead abatement or removal.




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