Shrink Wrap Interior Containment

Fast Wrap Commercial Brochure 2013

Interior containment: Fast Wraps shrink wrap teams have worked with companies across the country using our interior shrink wrap containment barriers to provide cost efficient alternatives to conventional construction techniques. Fast Wrap shrink wrap walls are designed to provide temporary containment barriers allowing new construction, demolition or partition of existing space in a fast and economical manner. Our shrink wrap demising walls have been installed in food production facilities, warehouse storage facilities, and meet FDA and USDA guidelines. Our shrink wrap walls are washable and hold both negative and positive air pressure as required. Our shrink wrap walls are installed using a wood or metal top and bottom plate to hold the film in place and then shrunk to provide our barrier. Most importantly shrink wrap containment barriers are easily repaired if damage occurs during construction or operations unlike conventional wall systems that require wood, drywall and paint.

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