Shrink Wrap Turnaround Shipyards

Fast Wrap shrink wrap protection specializes in protecting marine vessels of all shapes and sizes upon arrival in dry dock for repairs. Fast Wrap shrink wrap provides protection from the elements, just as important Fast Wrap shrink wrap protects the environment by preventing release of any paint, blasting of potentailly damging materials. Fast Wrap shrink wrap protection allows repair, replacement renovation to occur regardless of weather conditions outside. Fast wraps shrink wrap containment's provides the ideal working environment, allowing climate control as surface preparation is under way or interior work is conducted. Through environmental control of heating, cooling dehumidification and temperature control in the containment Fast Wraps customers are protected: Customer comments often describe the following benefits of using Fast wrap shrink wrap protection.

Improve application of coating and paints to manufacturers specifications.

Control excess moisture

Maintain surface temperatures

Provide ideal containment for blasting & coating operations.

Eliminate weather delays

Conform to coating spec requirements

Safe and effective work environment

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